98% of my clients tell me that they are not photogenic. 99% tell me that they are shy. 95% tell me that they have 10 pounds to lose. 91% tell me that they are no longer 20 years old... and that it seems (according to her). 100% of my clients trust me and LOVE their photos, mentioning that they regret having waited so long to get a session. I'm here to guide you, step by step. I am holding your hand to allow you to live this unique experience that is a Boudoir session. In my boudoir photography service, I always include hair and make-up. It's a good start to breathe, relax, be pampered and start the session feeling perfectly beautiful and radiant. Promise! The boudoir session can take place in the studio, at your residence or at the hotel; my clients' favourite option. Find out more about this type of session and about the superb albums available to keep your images safe. Subscribe to the newsletter to know everything about special events in photography such as the Frimas Boudoir and the Sexy Sweater, 2 must-see events!

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